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Private Wealth Management

Image by Matt Wang

MacDonald Wealth Management believes in a holistic approach to financial planning. No matter your stage in life our mission is to help you make the right financial decisions that over time will ensure you feel confident in your finances. Everyone knows about the big important finance things—retirement planning, investing, buying a home. But the little decisions matter just as much. 

We get to know you, your needs, and your day-to-day life in order to come up with a customized, realistic, and clear plan to help you achieve your dreams. Whether you're struggling to maintain a budget, a thriving small business owner, or looking to take your wealth to the next level, our step-by-step process will help you define your goals and create customized strategies to achieve your vision. 

We'll monitor your progress and work with you as life's questions come up. Things like; should I buy a new car or fix the old car, should I take that vacation, should I increase my 401(k) contribution, because over time, these will have an impact on your goals. We'll guide you through all major milestones like picking the right insurance for you and your family, setting up a college fund, buying property and making sure you can retire comfortably. When economic conditions shift, we will update you with sound and clear guidance to keep your goals on track.

Our services and strategies include:

  • Retirement planning

  • Investment advisory services

  • Third party money managers

  • Estate planning

  • Tax strategies

  • Insurance planning

  • Small business strategies

MacDonald Wealth Management is your anchor for a financially fit life.

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