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Stop letting uncontrolled debt ruin your life


Hey, Katie here! 

It’s both amazing and heartbreaking to know how many people struggle with out-of-control debt. The sleepless nights, the strain on relationships, not to mention the underlying health issues that are brought on by stress. 

This is why I created a platform to throw a financial life preserver to as many people as possible to show them (and you!) how debt isn’t insurmountable. 

But The Debt Fix isn’t just for people who have already fallen into the debt trap! 

It also teaches young adults how to avoid the financial missteps so many of us have taken. And how to use debt responsibly to get ahead in life. 

That’s how powerful this course is! It uses my proven SAVE method to walk you step by step!

The best part is that this course is affordable for almost any budget

Here’s what we’re offering!

You can get The Debt Fix using the proven SAVE method using either:  

  • 3 monthly payments of $55. 

  • Or get a discount for paying full! Just make a 1-time payment of $149

  • Or you can get even more by joining our exclusive VIP group! This is a limited opportunity that gives you a free 1-on-1 call with Katie! 

You get 45 minutes to ask all your financial questions with a Certified Financial Planner™ giving you all the insider information to really boost your financial goals! This limited offer is only available through this course and at the discounted price of $149 over the course price. 

This price for a 1-on-1 call with a Certified Financial Planner™ is unheard of! But for a limited number of people, it will be a reality. 

To make it your reality just enter your name and email below to pre-register for The Debt Fix, and get our free 50/30/20 budget guide, our gift to you for taking the next step in taking back your financial freedom.

Or buy this as a gift that can really impact the life of a loved one. Enter your information below, and we’ll assist you in getting them set up! 

For less than the cost of a normal 1-on-1 call with Certified Financial Planner™ your VIP package will get you: 

  • The Debt Fix indebt course given by Katie 

  • Step by step instructions on using the proven SAVE Method

  • A 45-minute call with Katie! 

  • A free 50/30/20 budget guide! 

So don’t miss out on getting a VIP spot, pre-register today!  

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